Applying for a trial or contract at a football club is exactly the same as applying for any other job; you MUST make a good first impression.  Player Profiles are in effect the same as a football CV and they are your opportunity to tell clubs about you, your experience and how you can help the club succeed.  Your success in getting a trial and contract will entirely depend upon the content, quality and presentation of your information. When you consider the hundreds of applications each club receive every week you can understand the importance of getting this right.  Whether you're a youth player looking to get into a Centre of Excellence or Football Academy or a professional player looking for your next contract, we can make you stand out from the rest.  Player Profiles have also attracted interest from Soccer Academies and colleges offering Soccer Scholarships in the USA. WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT FOOTBALL, PEOPLE AND SUCCESS AND WILL HELP YOU TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE... Why tie yourself to a contract with a Sports Agency or Football Agent for two years when you can do your own marketing?  Being with a Sports Agency or an FA Licensed Football Agent can be of value to players but often Football Agents are only interested in representing players who are already playing professional football at the highest level.  Getting to that highest level is the number one priority for a player. We can help you to represent yourself directly to the clubs which can actually make you more attractive to a club as many clubs are suspicious of a football agent contacting them on a player's behalf.  Doing it yourself shows a hunger, confidence, determination and motivation that is not proven if the club is contacted by a football agent on your behalf - it gives that personal touch.  We can help you present yourself as a player in the most attractive way whilst being 100% honest in demonstrating your skills, qualities and experience. Why use our Player Profiles? Quite simply our profiles work.  As FA Licensed Football Agents we have represented players at clubs at all levels all over Europe including Arsenal, Chelsea, Stoke, Newcastle, QPR, West Ham, Paris St Germain, Rayo Vallecano and AEK Athens.  Through the experience of working with players at these clubs we have learned exactly what player information clubs are looking for. Our Player Profiles are tailor-made to meet the needs of professional clubs in an extremely competitive market.  THE PERFECT PRESENTATION OF YOUR FOOTBALL CAREER KEEP UP TO DATE WITH ALL THE NEWS FROM APOLLO AND THE FOOTBALL WORLD We'll be keeping our followers updated on all things apollo... Keep up to date with observations, football and sports news.  Also we will share details on any upcoming trial opportunities via our Social Media sites. HOME MARKETING OFFER PLAYERS AVAILABLE TESTIMONIALS FAQ TERMS SITEMAP Trials for clubs in the UK and overseas with a current Manchester City coach for only £75.